6 Steps to the Perfect Sofa

Finding the perfect sofa could be done in just 6 easy steps. Our homes are our haven and we exert effort and money to build it and turn into our own personal oasis. A sofa is a big part of your oasis. It is you throne, your lounge and sometimes your bed. Let us assist you in making the right choice. Let's us be part of your home.

Step 1
Find the Perfect Fit

Make your sofa fit the space of your home and choose from our wide range of sofa sizes, length, depth and even seat height. 

Step 2
Customize it!

Choose from our wide selection of leather choices, studs and feet. Your home deserves to have a unique sofa that truly matches your character and aesthetics. 

Step 3
Ask a Pro

Chat with us and asks our expert to recommend you the best sofa for your home. Learn more about our products and fall in love with our customer service team.

Step 4
We Built it

Every single Stanhope Chesterfield sofa is traditionally handcrafted and ensures a truly individual piece which fits your home perfectly!

Step 5
We Deliver it

From our factory to your doorstep, we'll make sure to deliver your sofa with ease and care. Let us deliver that missing piece that  will surely complete your home. 

Step 6
You Welcome It In Your Home

Welcome your Stanhope Chesterfields sofa as part of your home and fall in love with it's luxurious vibe. Bring it home where it belong.