The timeless Artisans

At Stanhope Chesterfields, we hold immense gratitude for the skilled craftsmen and women who bring our vision to life within our workshop. They are not only masters of their craft but also the heart and soul of our company, without whom Stanhope Chesterfields would not be the same.

Every day, our artisans demonstrate an unwavering commitment to excellence, producing craftsmanship of unparalleled quality. Their tireless pursuit of perfection is nothing short of remarkable. It is their dedication and attention to detail that truly sets Stanhope Chesterfields apart and allows us to create furniture that inspires.

Curious to learn more about the exceptional individuals behind our craftsmanship? Take a glimpse into their world and discover the incredible talent and expertise that goes into each piece we create.

The Cutting Team

Leading the cutting team is Andy, a man who embodies precision and efficiency, wielding his trusty pair of sharp scissors with expertise. With meticulous attention to detail, Andy ensures that every piece of material undergoes a thorough inspection, leaving no room for imperfections.

Once the material passes Andy's discerning eye, the team proceeds to meticulously prepare the patterns, taking into account every intricate detail. With precise measurements and careful marking, they embark on the task of individually hand-cutting each piece of luxurious leather.

Andy's leadership and the team's dedication to their craft guarantee that only the finest materials are used and that every cut is executed with precision and care. This commitment to perfection sets the foundation for the exceptional quality and enduring beauty of our handcrafted Chesterfield sofas.

The Sewing Team

Under the leadership of Head Seamstress Sarah, a team of skilled and talented ladies come together to bring our creations to life, ensuring every stitch holds everything in place. Sewing is not just a physical skill; it is an art form that requires meticulous care and unwavering patience.

From selecting the right thread to delicately guiding the needle through leather or fabric, these dedicated artisans possess a remarkable level of expertise. With a collective experience of 64 years, their keen and observant eyes pay close attention to every minute detail, ensuring that the hallmark of beautiful, skilled needlework adorns all our furniture with pride.

Their commitment to excellence shines through in the impeccable craftsmanship they deliver. Each stitch is a testament to their artistry and adds a touch of elegance to our creations. It is through their mastery of needlework that our furniture truly comes alive, exuding charm and timeless beauty.

With Sarah and her team at the forefront, our sewing department is the embodiment of passion, precision, and dedication. Their invaluable contributions ensure that every piece we create is a masterpiece that will grace your home with its impeccable craftsmanship and artful design.

The Upholstery Team

Meet Olie and Andy, our upholstery masters responsible for achieving the classic deep buttoned look associated with the Chesterfield style. With almost 30 years of experience each, their expertise ensures perfect tension, deep buttons, and unmatched comfort. Their craftsmanship brings our sofas to life, creating timeless pieces with impeccable attention to detail.

The Finishing Team:

When it comes to the finishing touches, our meticulous team takes charge. From hand antiquing to comfort testing and hand-tacking stud lines, these experts leave no stone unturned to ensure absolute perfection. Nothing escapes their watchful eyes until your Chesterfield sofa is flawless in every aspect.

Dedicated to their craft, these professionals are committed to delivering furniture that meets the highest standards. Only when they are fully satisfied that every detail is as it should be, will your cherished Chesterfield leave their skilled hands and embark on its journey to your home.